Rabu, 13 April 2011

Pesta Ulang Tahun (Birthday Party)

I had been anticipating this event for weeks.  I was so grateful that my birthday fell after a few months of language school, but before we moved to Jakarta.  In Indonesia it is expected that you throw your own birthday party. Perfect.  I needed something to bring the women from my compound into my home.  Just any meal would not work, because they think it is rude to talk while eating.  So a birthday party it would be!

Our helper, Ibu Ema, was so excited to throw this party, and she worked so hard. She worked so hard that the next day she worked, she said maybe just a few guests for Wes's birthday.

Ibu Ema making Yellow Rice
Between 15 and 20 women showed up to my door around 4:00 all dressed up, and of course a bunch of children.  I was so excited.  Ibu Ema's daughter had written a speech for me, so that I would not forget to say anything.  After everyone had entered the house and had taken a seat on the floor, I gave my speech.  They were very gracious when my pronunciation was totally off, as they always are.  After my speech they sang "Selamat ulang tahun" to me and I blew out my candles.  Next, as if we were getting married again, Wes and I fed each other cake (their idea, not ours!)  After this everyone filled up on the delicious food Ibu Ema had made!
Reading my Speech

Meal time!
The ending was a little strange.  After everyone was finished eating I wanted a photo of everyone.  As soon as the photo was taken (thanks Wes!) they said goodbye and went home.  

Unfortunately you can't see everyone!

Since my party the women have been more open to me.  Not that they were harsh toward me before, but now they invite me in their homes, hug me tight, and seem to care more about our lives! Praise the Lord that He answered your prayers and my prayers.  We serve a Great and Powerful God!

Please continue to pray for these women and for LOTS of opportunities to talk about faith.  Blessings to you all!

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