Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

Two years later...

I know, I know.  It has been over two years since I updated this thing.  Please forgive me.

As a quick way of reintroduction, Caren and Wes have been working in Indonesia since Dec 31, 2010, and the past year was our busiest to date.  Over the course of 2013, Caren worked to oversee the guest house in Jakarta, and I worked in the field office as the field financial coordinator.  Two big events occurred over the course of the year as we welcomed our daughter, Lucy Misgana on August 16th, and in December made a move about two hours from Jakarta to another city, Bandung.  The CMA has many workers in Bandung, and we have moved onto one of the organizations properties which is colorfully called “Green Gate” because of its entrance.  Green Gate was once the site of the Alliance’s international school, but is now a site for Envision, another branch of the CMA which hosts interns, study abroad students, and short term teams.  Wes has moved his office into one of the available spaces in one of the buildings, and for the time being our family is living in an apartment on the campus as well.  Without having the duties of the guest house in Jakarta, Caren is using her time to learn from the current director couple about the goings on of Green Gate, and wishes to particularly invest her time into working with students from Toccoa Falls College who come to do a semester abroad, interns from Envision, and short-term interns who come for summer projects.  Wes will continue to work with the Jakarta office from a remote location, and will also help with some of the administrative duties at Green Gate as Green Gate currently has three other organizations renting office space in the old school buildings.  We have moved up our next home assignment in order to help accommodate things happening in Indonesia and will be arriving back in the States for three months starting in early March.  

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