Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Parks & Friends

We have finished unit one of language study!  On Tuesday we went into our evaluations severely nervous, but once we started talking with our teachers we were amazed at how much we had learned!  Needless to say, we passed.  After each unit we have about a week off to recuperate and let what we have learned sink in.  The Lord was so good to me with the timing of our break!  My friend from college came to Jakarta to see one of the other workers here who comes from her home church.  Wes and I were able to go down and spend a few days with Sarah Mabee!  It was such a blessing to have some familiarity here.

Not only did I get to spend time with a dear friend, but we got to see a few neat things that Indonesia has to offer.  We spend one day at a place called "Taman Mini,"  which means mini park.  I would compare it to Disney World's Epcot, except for Indonesia.  We got to see what the culture is like on different islands.  They also had a Protestant Church, Catholic Church, Mosque, and Hindu Temple to signify the religions of the country.  The church is used every Sunday for worship.  

The next day we went to a park similar to Animal Kingdom, but in Indonesia they don't have as many rules.  It was a really nice park!  First, we drove through a section that had all sorts of animals hippos, lions, tigers, llamas, giraffes, and of course zebras!  After driving through they have places you can walk around.  There are also a variety of shows.  We only had time to see the dolphin show, but it was really neat!  We also got to hold a baby tiger and baby orangutan!  We had a blast! 

That day we also had the privilege to visit Judy Gaskin's Awana camp and retreat center.  She spent many years fundraising and building this camp.  It is used in the summer for AWANA camps and then is rented out by various people for other children's events.  The Lord has really used this property for his glory and to call many children into his family and into his service.  Judy is a very wise woman, and I look forward to learning from her and working with her to reach the children of Indonesia.  She also told me about an accredited master's program that is given on another island in Holistic Child Development.  Please pray for me as I consider taking this program, and that I will have the time to do so.  

On Monday we start Unit 2 of Language study!  Please pray as we know it is going to be challenging.  No more directions in English!  Also pray for our relationships with our neighbors.  I have been able to have the children in our home playing games, but still cannot communicate well enough to have significant conversations with their parents.  We are looking for some way to show them we care about them, so please pray that we would find a way that is meaningful to them.

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